“Judges Hunting?” Who Benefits from Lawyer Karamzin’s Arrest
National Security Imprisonment


Arbitration Lawyer Kantemir Karamzin Goes Magnitsky Way

Heavy pressure on the lawyer may be an evidence to attempt to forge a resonance “Judges Plot”, mass media report

22.04.2019 16:20:00 | Denis Pisarev

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Arbitration lawyer Kantemir Karamzin famous for a number of his glorious victories in the courts appears in the centre of a scandal as “Nasha versiya” (https://versia.ru/gromkoe- zaderzhanie-yurista-kantemira- karamzina-vse-bolshe- napominaet-istoriyu-magnitskogo) reports, he was taken into custody, excruciated and then arrested under a criminal case looking like a frame-up and appeared from nowhere. “Somebody does not trump up a “lawyer Karamzin’s case”, but the “judges plot”, considers the publication in their attempt to find out who would benefit from this situation.

As the resource notes, it looks like Karamzin’s troubles commenced when he “won 15 Billion roubles in arbitration court and affected the interest of two billionaires at once: ex-Director of AO DSK-1 Vladimir Kopelev and owner of FSK “Lider” Vladimir Voronin”. It appears these astronomical monies became the reason for an avalanche hitting the lawyer’s head.

The resource suggests a few versions. “First version lying on the surface is that Kantemir Karamzin was put on the list to review the results of arbitration case with the help of typical “felony”. In other words, a person is taken into custody, put under pressure, threatened and forced to give proper evidences and renounce everything he has. A sad legal novel of modern Russia is that once the arguments at the court are exhausted, security officers kick into action. “And nobody in this market works for “thank you”, – writes Nasha Versia according to which this hypothesis is supported (a) by “full invalidity of the case under which Karamzin was arrested that is grounded solely on the evidences of the debtor, who did not wish to return over $200 thousand borrowed back in 2007”.

“The proceedings commenced in 2013. Kantemir Karamzin won the case against the writer Oleg Blotsky in Cheremushkinsky court. The court’s decision was confirmed by the Supreme Court, but in the course of enforcement proceedings the money had never been collected, i.e. by the sound of things he did not repay the debt to Karamzin. In 2014, Blotsky, in his turn, in order to receive compensation initiated criminal case against Karamzin claiming that one of the loan agreements was forged. The case happened to be so lame that it was thrown from one investigation department to another, it was initiated and suspended”, – Nasha Versia reports.

According to journalists, during the investigation in 2015, an expert conclusion was prepared with probabilistic assessment of the signature belonging, however it contained no clear conclusion and it went cold. “The signature under the agreement could and could not belong to Oleg Blotsky. Besides, Blotsky could intentionally distort the signature planning to never repay the debt. Blotsky refused to attend the handwriting examination during hearing the case by Cheremushkinsky court, though Karamzin insisted on it, the materials in the proceedings read. All the lawyers keep saying that there are no evidences on the case. Nasha Versia reports that the fact that a criminal case on slander had been initiated against Oleg Blotsky himself in 2017 adds the scent of spice to the situation.

However, this could hardly be a reason that such strong measures could have been taken against Karamzin. “This is more like the prosecution needed a formal reason to hide Kantemir Karamzin behind the bars”, notes Nasha Versiya. On 12 April, the judge of Balashikhinsky court Grishakova N. B. decreed to arrest K. Karamzin for a month and none of the lawyers’ arguments in respect of the excessiveness of such measure of punishment was taken into consideration, after which the lawyer was received in the remand centre No. 8 at Sergiev Posad. Lawyer’s defence’s appeal petitions to Judicial Panel for Criminal Cases in the Moscow Province, consideration of which is appointed on 23 April 2019 mention significant number of violations of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation allowed by the investigators during the arrest. And this is another confirmation that some serious interests stay behind this story.”

According to the resource “the custody itself took place at 10:30 on 10 April 2019, but the arrest statement was prepared at about 15:30 probably to extend the time for accusation, which – according to the law – should be performed within 48 hours.” “For the whole day insulin dependent Karamzin suffering from diabetes mellitus was held with no meals and medication, though he cannot live without injections, – Nasha Versia informs. Notwithstanding the lawyers’ notices of protest the accusation was declared at night time when he was unable to conceive the pages of the protocol because of tiredness.”

According to Nasha Versia, he was not let sleep at nights. “The lawyer told during the court hearing that he was placed into the ward with two jailbirds, who were intimidating him with stories on “sweatboxes” if he refuses to cooperate with the authorities. The lawyer collapsed a few times, but nobody knows what injections were administered. They brought to the court a morally and physically exhausted person with the blood traces from handcuffs on his wrists who could hardly stand on his legs, understand questions and who answered with muddy phrases. And this was professional lawyer well-known for his bright and well-bred speeches during proceedings. According to the defenders the detainee’s glasses were collected, though it is known that his eyesight is poor and he must familiarise with the materials in the proceedings during the judicial sitting”, – the resource reports. In that respect, the lawyer during the hearing of his case drew analogy of the present process to the process of investigation of Bukharin’s case and Stalin’s terror. As it could be seen, neither the judge, nor the prosecutor were impressed.

So, who got under the hit, if Karamzin is not the main target?

“Mass information attack on the judges of the Moscow City Court and the Supreme Court he could allegedly have crime affiliations with and whom he could “soon rat out” initiated after the lawyer’s arrest testify on a lot of things”, – Nasha Versia writes. – Somebody is not trumping up a “lawyer Karamzin’s case”, but the “judges plot”. It is evident that the investigators’ evidential base is quite poor (otherwise they would not seek incriminating information with the internet users) and the security officers apparently try to extract confession of guilt so that to build (forge?) the charge.”

Does the case of the lawyer Karamzin testify on the attempt of law enforcement clans to perform a repartition of the market and replace unwanted persons with the own ones or other intentions conceal behind it? – Nasha Versia asks rhetorical question and immediately answers it: “It is quite possible that the scenario of the case developed by the security officers aims to achieve a number of results: wheedle money out for themselves and for Kopelev Vladimir Efimovich and Vornonin Vladimir Alexandrovich (who – according to Wikipedia and mixed mass media information – became citizens of Malta), organise the “process of the century” and, of course, to get stars, medals, political dividends. And nobody is interested in the destiny of the lawyer Kantemir Karamzin between these grindstones.”

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