Any Practicing Lawyer Can Be Imprisoned in Our Country
Boutique of FSB. Ultimatum to Kantemir Karamzin: the choise between DSK-1 shares or his life

The appeal from the death row of Federal Security Bureau (FSB). Lawyer Kantemir Karamzin  to the President of  Russia  Vladimir Putin

Arbitration lawyer Kantemir Karamzin was thrown into prison upon the order of the head of Moscow FSB Alexei Dorofeev. 

The criminal case was fabricated by the owners of the Russian construction companies DSK-1 and FSK “Leader” Vladimir Kopelev and Vladimir Voronin. From the pre-trial detention facility Kanitemir Karamzin addresses to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Kantemir Karamzin tells how and why the security forces and the construction mafia bankrupted, looted and dismembered the legendary construction plant and why he was locked up in the FSB death row. The same scenario and the same key players as in the case of journalist Ivan Golunov.




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