MASS MEDIA: The Security Service Officers Beat the Lawyer Kantemir Karamzin Shortly before the Court Sitting on Detention Extension
The appeal from the death row of FSB. Lawyer Kantemir Karamzin to the President Putin


Any Practicing Lawyer Can Be Imprisoned in Our Country

Obolensky Sergey 14:09, 24 July 2019 /  Sobesednik

Kantemir Karamzin

New Provocation is Being Prepared against Kantemir Karamzin

Resonant case of arbitration lawyer Kantemir Karamzin known as “the 2nd Magnitsky” will be considered by Balashikha city court on 25 July. The case is under coordination of the Chief of the Moscow Office of the Federal Security Bureau Colonel-General Aleksey Dorofeev, who is referred to as one of the “authors” of national security Imprisonment of Ivan Golunov. “Construction cartel” of the owners of DSK-1 and FSK Lider Vladimir Kopelev and Vladimir Voronin, that lost arbitration proceedings on the building complex shares amounting to 15 Billion Roubles to foreign client of Kantemir Karamzin are referred to as “stakeholders” of criminal indictment of the lawyer Karamzin. The sitting will consider the prosecution’s request to extend the detention of K. Karamzin. F. for another 3 months – until 27 October 2019.

The lawyer suffering from diabetes and other serious deceases has been staying in the remand centre of Sergiev Posad in unbearable conditions since 12 April. His life is in danger and he receives the threats of violence and physical attack. FSS officers took Karamzin into custody on small or even insignificant from the national security point of view 12-year old case. Why is the lawyer Karamzin so dangerous for national interests that he is detained in jail? Why “ambassadors” in the rank of FSS Major and Colonel visit him in remand centre at night and what is the progress of judicial scrutiny.

The lawyer is accused in large scale fraud under a private dispute on money debt of writer Blotsky, who borrowed from Kantemir Karamzin $200 thousand and never repaid it. The lawyer was arrested against Blotsky’s statement that the signature on one of the loan agreements is forged (it not his signature) notwithstanding the fact that Karamzin won this case in the courts of all instances including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, who continuously examined all the evidences including signatures under this case. This is confirmed by legally effective court decisions. By the way, during the investigation Blotsky refused to evidence with polygraph testing. Kantemir Karamzin himself and his lawyers consider that the accusation contradicts common sense and the norms of the Criminal Code. “It is clear to everybody, that he did not commit any crime”, – Karamzin’s lawyer Marina Gromova comments. – “It makes no sense that first the defendant receives court’s decision on the collection of money from debtor and then after 5 years the defendant lodges with police a complaint on the plaintiff, who won the case and this develops into criminal case. All the facts have been repetitively verified for relevance, admissibility and credibility. All the evidences and witnesses on this case confirm that Blotsky did sign the agreements, did take money and the deal took place. The law enforcement investigation has no evidences that he and not Blotsky drafted and signed the loan agreement. Karamzin is not guilty.” Absurdity and nonsense of this situation is that any practicing lawyer can be served dozens of such charges on won cases as was the case with Kantemir Karamzin.

No actual actions had been taken on the Blotsky case for three months since the lawyer’s arrest. Kantemir Karamzin has not been interrogated and they refuse to do it. Interrogation dated 24 April 2019 was stopped due to a challenge to the investigator, who refused to record Karamzin’s evidences explaining that he did not need any nuances and details. Lawyer Gromova’s procedural requests on proper interrogation of her defendant on the case with provision him with the right to evidence in the sequence and scope he considers appropriate for his defence are still not resolved. Neither Blotsky, nor the witnesses have been interrogated. Expertise that was a condition to extend the arrest in May was not performed. Handwriting examination similar to the one conducted before in so far as it concerns the scope of questions and subject of examination had been appointed, but expert institution in this case is FSS. The defence lodged procedural request on replacement considering the facts of FSS’s preconception to Karamzin and “contracted” nature of his case. Cassations in respect of transfer of the case by jurisdiction from Moscow to Moscow Province breaching Parts 2-6 of Article 152 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation have not been considered. Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation provided no answers on the merits of the questions set out in the lawyers’ and Karamzin’s complaints in respect of illegal prosecution. Subsequent extension of arrest is performed with breaching the terms of submission of materials to court, the established procedure on approval of the petition on extension of detention.

According to defence, the prosecution intentionally temporises so that to rescue the collapsing accusation and new reasons for subsequent extension of detention for another three months can only be dreamt up. The “leaks” in mass media speculating on the unfounded information disposed by judicial authorities long time ago are aimed purely to disorient public opinion. It looks like the writer Blotsky became a trading piece that in reality nobody is interested in.

According to Karamzin’s and his lawyers’ complaints and statements, the FSS officers are interested in totally different aspects. “Plain-clothed parliamentarians” visited the remand centre a number of times and during the conversation off the records they offered to admit the fault on Blotsky’s case and waive the arbitration actions on DSK-1 shares. In return, Karamzin was offered Five years “de bene esse”. During all these months at the remand centre the FSS officers – pursuant to the superiors’ instructions – subjected him under significant illegal pressure in order to break the lawyer. No qualified medical assistance is provided to Kantemir Karamzin, whose diabetes and other serious diseases exacerbated, his eyesight on one eye has gone and one side of the body became numb. Extremely severe conditions of his detention have been established. Searches with full undressing and body search are initiated a few times per day. No meetings with relatives are allowed. The lawyer is blackmailed with the life of his family. All this is done to beat confessionary evidences out.

Last provocation against the lawyer was recorded a few days ago that is reflected in the K.F. Karamzin’s “Crime Incident Report” c/o acting Chief of Remand Centre No. 8 Kamardina Ye.N., Military Criminal Investigation Division under the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Internal Security Inspectorate under the FSS of the Russian Federation (registered in the remand centre No. 8 logbook ref.: 0643 dated 20 July 2019). The lawyer informs that on 19 July, during the visit of FSS officers introduced as FSS Major Ushakov and FSS Colonel Ivanov (names might be fictional) beat him and expressed offences, blackmail, extortion and threats of homicide. The report reads that a high ranking official Karamzin was offered to talk to, promised in an insulting manner that Kantemir would “perish in the jail”, he would be sentenced to 17 years and 6 more accusations would be added if he does not withdraw the complaints to DSK-1.

In his letter sent from the remand centre to the President Putin submitted through the secretariat and published in mass media Kantemir Karamzin wrote that illegal criminal indictment is organised by FSS General Aleksey Dorofeev pursuing personal interests pursuant to the order of Maltese citizens – owners of DSK-1 and FSK Lider Vladimir Kopelev and Vladimir Voronin. It turns out that the real reason of placing him into the remand centre was not Blotsky’s case, but arbitration claims in the interest of Canadian investor misguided by the DSK-1 shareholder, who was attempting to stop fraudulent scheme on bankruptcy of legendary building company in order to avoid paying debts for shares.

Experienced lawyer Karamzin attended hundreds of judicial sittings, drafted the “Objections against the prosecution’s petition to extend the detention” on 50 pages for submission to Balashikhinsky city court. In the document, he carefully collected documents, evidences and arguments on every sentence of the accusation – courts’ decisions, interrogation files, expert conclusions. Incontestable facts and evidences on the faultlessness of the lawyer and the background of the case are presented. The defence is confident that there are no legal grounds to hold Kantemir Karamzin in detention. Nor are there the evidences on his public danger or the ability to carry out criminal activities.

A civil judge, that is not supposed to consider criminal cases and procedural requests thereon due to different qualification, same as before, has been appointed to decide the “Magnitsky-2” case fate. The lawyers advocates sign the petition “Free Kantemir Karamzin” on the web-site and share it in social networks and call mass media and caring people to come to the court at Balashikha and to support the lawyer.


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